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The elevated better half publication to the number one documentary movie approximately 2012! The 2012 meme has developed past any debates in regards to the relevance of the Maya lengthy count number calendar to the lives of up to date humans. 2012 is set us on planet Earth at the present. December 21, 2012: will the area relatively switch perpetually in this date, the top of a 5,125-year calendar final used over one thousand years in the past? definitely Hollywood would favor you to imagine so. certainly, a not-so-small has arisen round the date, hawking every thing from t-shirts to teleseminars. Clearing a direction among fable and fact, Alexandra Bruce surveys the total 2012 panorama, asking questions equivalent to: Is the Earth wasting its Mojo? How did 2012 come to intend "The finish of Time"? Did psychedelics facilitate the Maya "Cosmovision"? should still we fear approximately Earth Crustal Displacement? What the hell is "Planet X"? Uniquely among an unlimited array of 2012 literature, this publication positive aspects interviews with the best experts—including Graham Hancock, John significant Jenkins, Daniel Pinchbeck and plenty of others—and insightful, targeted research of the wide spectrum of opinion, debate, examine and delusion in regards to the such a lot compelling "end occasions" prediction of the twenty first century.

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Around that time, two spellbinding performance artists, José Argüelles and Terence McKenna, seized public attention with their ingenioussounding screeds and spiels that invoked these fascinating new discoveries about the Maya and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Both men were academic types who’d wandered off the “rez” and who’d had their minds blown by Maya civilization (with considerable psychedelic assistance). ” This was not entertainment and it just wasn’t selling. ” Argüelles and McKenna acted independently of each other and they had different agendas.

There was unquestionably a cross-pollenization between the early Maya, the Olmec and the Mixetec and Zapotec–speaking peoples of southern Mesoamerica. 13 The pyramid of k ’uk’ulkan at Chichén-Itzá. THE MAYA CALENDARS The Maya’s assiduous, accurate tracking of several celestial cycles and their penetrating perception of the mathematical relationships among them were uncanny. They didn’t have telescopes or computers! Working knowledge of Maya calendrics is a daunting undertaking that requires serious devotion, like that of the communities who continue, to this day to practice these unbroken traditions of over 2,000 years—and like that of the modern scholars who have dedicated their lives to decoding the ancient Maya glyphs.

Of course, these could have all been local accounts—or is it possible they were referring to a global catastrophe? 21 Given these Maya accounts, it is only natural to suspect that the early days of the current 13-b’ak’tun cycle might recall an actual, historical 25 period of cataclysmic flooding. When the ancient Maya created the Long Count calendar, they set it up to begin on a very specific date 3,000 years in their own past, which coincided with a zenithal passage of the Sun. 0; 4 Ahaw 8 Kumk ’u.

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