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By Joe R. Lansdale

ISBN-10: 0375897488

ISBN-13: 9780375897481

Jack Catcher's mom and dad are dead--his mother died of a affliction and his dad of a damaged heart--and he desires to get out of Oklahoma, the place dirt storms have killed every thing eco-friendly and hopeful. So whilst former classmate Jane Lewis and her little brother, Tony, appear in his backyard with plans to thieve a useless neighbor's motor vehicle and make a holiday for Texas, Jack does not want a lot convincing to compliment them. yet a run-in with one of many era's such a lot infamous gangsters places a crimp in Jane's plan, and shortly the 3 young children are using the rails between hoboes, gangsters, and con males, racing to warn a carnival-wrestler-turned-bank-robber of the risk headed towards him quicker than a black snowfall at the prairie horizon. This street journey experience is a colourful trip via Depression-era America.

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I even thought about taking that plowline and doing to myself what Daddy had done. But I didn’t want to be like that. I wanted to be like the heroes in books I had read about, who could stand up against anything and keep on coming. I hated to say it about my Daddy, but he had taken the coward’s way out, and I hadn’t never been no coward and wasn’t about to start. Still, I broke down and started crying, and I couldn’t stop, though there didn’t seem to be much wet in me. The world was dry, and so was I, and all the time I cried I heaved, like someone sick with nothing left inside to throw up.

It was hard to remember being able to walk to school, or darn near anywhere except a field, and not have to stop to pour dust out of your shoes. It was hard to remember when all the earth hadn’t been thrown to the sky. I thought on all these things as I drove, and I have to admit, it was both bitter and sweet, but it was nice to have my head free of Jane’s words for a while. After the pickled egg and the Coca-Cola, she had grown silent—a condition that I figured was unnatural to her, and on some level didn’t suit her, but right then I was grateful for it.

The boy with her was younger than her, and he had on worn overalls and an old brown shirt. They was both carrying flour sacks stuffed full of something. They was coming along slowly, and I could see they didn’t have no real strength left and was about to fall over, so I started out to meet them. My feet bogged in the sand as I went, and it took me a while to get up to her, and when I was close, I seen the girl drop to one knee. Now that I could see her good I knowed her right off. It was Jane Lewis, which meant the kid was her little brother, Tony.

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