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By James Hopwood Jeans

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This moment version, initially released in 1929, is an in depth survey on the leading edge of cosmology and astronomy with specific connection with the actual nation of subject, the constitution, composition and life-cycle of stars, and the superstructures of nebulae and galaxies. meant as a rigourously argued medical treatise, each attempt used to be made by means of denims to render the result of far-reaching developments in cosmology intelligible to a vast variety of readers.

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The stars within a distance of 4 known are shewn in the following table: at present Table IV. The nearest Stars in order of Distance. D. -12°, 4523 limes (11 h. 12 m. -57*2) Cordoba 5 h. 243 T Ceti Procyon A Procyon B € Eridani 61 Cygni A 61 Cygni B Lacaille 9352 Struve 2398 A Struve 2398 B Groombridge 34 € Indi Kruger 60 A Kruger 60 B Oh. 43-9 m. +4-55 Lacaille 8760 0-765 • 0-758 0-758 0-538 0-404 0-392 0-377 0-377 0-350 0-340 0-317 0-315 0-312 0-312 0-310 0-300 0-300 0-292 0-287 0-287 0-282 0-281 0-256 0-256 0-255 0-253 Visual Mag.

C. C. C. 6720 Mt Wilson Observatory Planetary Nebulae 27-29] Nebulae 27 points of light. The greatest angle which the diameter of any star subtends at the earth is 0-056", which is the angle subtended by a pin-head at a distance of two miles, and is far too small to shew a finite disc in any telescope which has yet been constructed. Apart from the planets, all the objects we have so far discussed in detail have consisted of stars and groups of stars, forming the class of objects which shew as points of light in the telescope.

VARIABLE STARS. 24. While the variation in the light of an eclipsing variable is in a sense accidental, and in no way physically inherent in the system itself, there are other classes of variable stars in which the light variation must be ascribed to actual changes in the light-emission of the stars themselves. The general characteristic of these true variables is that the quality of the light changes as well as the amount received. In extreme cases the light varies through a considerable range of colour as the star varies, while the amount of visual light may vary by a factor as great as 4000 to 1, although the ratio is greatly reduced when the invisible heat-radiation of the star is added to its visible light radiation (cf.

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