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By Rita Feutl

ISBN-10: 1459805690

ISBN-13: 9781459805699

ISBN-10: 1459805704

ISBN-13: 9781459805705

ISBN-10: 1459805712

ISBN-13: 9781459805712

ISBN-10: 1459805720

ISBN-13: 9781459805729

Nick simply desires to change the television his sister unintentionally broke earlier than their foster mom and dad discover. To pay off the debt, the sixteen-year-old has to scouse borrow motorcycles, holiday them down and rebuild them to promote. however the debt and the violence continue to grow. Even Nick’s personal liked fixed-gear bike—the fixie he equipped together with his dad—is up for grabs.
   Should Nick recruit more youthful “runts” to do his soiled paintings? should still he have the opportunity to offer again the motorcycle of the lovable woman on the diner now that he kind of likes her? and the way can Nick shield his little sister from the creepy man with the colours?

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A runt with attitude,” he says. He comes up close to me. I realize, suddenly, that I have no way out. From the corner of my eye, I see Alex slip out the door. I can’t move. The other guy in the shades? He doesn’t say anything. He just watches. “Fine. Seven fifty,” Trevor says finally. He digs into his pocket and throws the money on the counter. A quarter rolls onto the floor and into the darkness. “But I want you to get me that Yeti platform. Soon. ” I find a tire lever and go to work. It bothers me that I’m pulling these tires off for so little money.

That’s my girl, I think proudly. I taught her that years ago. ” The kid props Katie’s bike carefully against the curb, takes Katie’s helmet off and comes over. “Your ride’s just, just…” He searches for words. “Awesome? Sweet? Sick? ” Katie joins us. “Yeah, my brother knows how to build ’em. ” I nod. Here’s my chance to pull in my first runt. “I could show you how to build your own,” I say carefully. Katie looks at me and frowns. “How are you going to show him anything? ” “I’ve found another place,” I say.

Alex rolls his eyes. ” I ask. “They’re sending him to a new school. ” “Get on your bike,” I tell her. “Mrs. ” Alex looks at me. ” I nod and ride off. Katie chatters on beside me. My mind is a million miles away, wondering about what I’m doing. Funny how one little action seems to cause a whole bunch of other actions. One stupid broken TV leads to stolen bikes and a crying mother and— “Nick? Nick! ” I snap out of my thoughts. We always ride along the side streets, where the traffic is lighter. Cars usually skirt around us, leaving us some room.

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