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By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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“Willa’s frankly portrayed grief, confusion, and uncertainties may have a powerful impression on readers.” –Publishers Weekly, starred evaluation Sixteen-year-old Willa is lucky to have a cheerful combined kinfolk. yet a frantic mobilephone name from Pryor, Texas, shatters the calm. Willa’s beginning father has murdered his moment spouse and daughters . . . and the police imagine he’s on his means east to seek down Willa and her mom. As this traumatic tragedy unavoidably exposes family members secrets and techniques to Willa and her group, she struggles along with her personal harmful mystery

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4. Cutting (Self-mutilation)—Fiction. 5. Self-mutilation— Fiction. 6. ] I. Title. P44855Blo 2011 [Fic]—dc22 2011009602 Text set in Garamond Pro Manufactured in the United States of America DOC 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 4500308034 To Felipe, Margarita, Philippe, and Victoria Part One [Happy Families] One I THINK EVEN IF NOTHING had happened the next day, even if my life had stayed just as it was that night at supper, I'd still remember what Jack said. He has that way of startling me by saying something totally unexpected but then, when I think about it, something that makes perfect sense, something I should have known all along.

Jack and Mom had a lot of discussions about the situation, none of which I was supposed to hear but did anyway. Val came over a few times when Alyssa was at tennis practice and Brooke was taking her violin lesson. I made sure to eavesdrop then. But even with all my spying, I was still shocked when Jack and Mom and Val sat us down together and explained what was going to happen. Jack and Mom were going to sell our house and buy one in Westbridge, where Brooke and Alyssa lived. That way they could continue to go to Fairhaven Academy, and Alyssa could keep her tennis coach and Brooke her violin teacher and riding academy.

Mom took a sip of her brandy. "About four years ago," she replied. "Right after we moved here. I wrote Budge to ask if he'd let Jack adopt Willa. That's his nickname: Budge. He wrote back a very abusive letter. He said I'd only written to extort money from him. Which I hadn't. " "You didn't tell me you'd written Dwayne," Jack said. "Things were so crazy then," Mom said. "The move. Val leaving. If Budge had said okay, I would have told you. " "Willa told us she's had no contact with him," Officer Rivera said.

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