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By Marion Husband

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Love and loyalty set in WWII

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Noble, Evans said, his two noble warriors. Paul had wondered if Evans was queer or just patriotic. Margot replaced the picture and sat down. ’ Her blush deepened. ’ Paul sipped his cocoa, aware that she was watching him. Sitting on the edge of the chair she held her cup in both hands, her face still hectic with colour. Her mouth opened, only to close again. He saw her bite down hard on her lip. ’ He laughed. ‘I’d just started medical school. Robbie said they needed doctors more than they needed foolhardy boys.

And if he did climb in beside his father, if he buried himself in the stuffy sleepiness of his double bed and said, ‘I’m scared, Dad,’ what could George do? He 50 was scared, so what? Being scared was normal. Scared had its own peculiar comfort. Lying on his bed, Paul curled on to his side. Closing his eye he forced himself to concentrate on sleep, trying to ignore Jenkins’s quiet humming of The Boy I Love. ’ Standing beside Paul at the front of the church, Adam turned very deliberately and looked at the bride’s side of the congregation.

Hetty fingered the ten-shilling note in her pocket. The scarf was thick and soft, a rich navy blue; it would go with her mother’s wardrobe of black; it wouldn’t upset her invented rules of mourning. All the same she knew her mother wouldn’t wear it. Taking the note out she placed it on the kitchen table. ’ As her mother held the money up to the light Hetty laughed. ’ She placed the note down on the table again where it looked dull and insignificant against the bright greens and reds of the new oilcloth.

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