Caribbean Cruising by Rachel Hawthorne PDF

By Rachel Hawthorne

ISBN-10: 0060565071

ISBN-13: 9780060565077

The best summer time tale of a woman, numerous boys, and a cruise send packed with probabilities. Lindsay hasn't ever been on a cruise, yet she understands precisely what she desires to do now that she is: climb a waterfall, snorkel, meet plenty of adorable men, and search for one ideal man for a summer season fling. yet her to-do checklist isn't really going in response to plan, particularly while she discovers that it truly is very unlikely to have a fling-when you are really falling in love.

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Mom and Walter spending more time together would give me more time to myself. She laughed. "My parents are celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I can't believe they've been married for that long. I had to practically beg them to bring me along. " "We just broke up. He was great in the sack, but out of it he was a total loser. " Theoretically I did. But I wasn't going to admit that I'd never had "great in the sack," or anything in the sack for that matter. Some things you didn't share with total strangers.

He jerked his thumb over his shoulder. " mhtml:file://C:\Program Files\eMule\Incoming\+ Hawthorne, Rachel - Caribbean Cruising.... 4/6/2009 Page 50 of 146 "I'll see you tomorrow then," I said. He disappeared inside, and I headed up to the Starlight deck. People were strolling along. I could hear others splashing and shrieking in the pools on another deck. I was supposed to be having the time of my life. Instead everyone around me was having the time of their life. Brooke was off with David. Ryan was back inside Cruisin' dancing with someone else—or at least I figured he was.

4/6/2009 Page 47 of 146 Still, I admired Michael's enthusiasm, and while I didn't quite match it, I didn't think I danced too badly. Michael seemed to think sticking his tongue out added to his charisma as he rolled his shoulders toward me. It occurred to me that maybe, like Brooke, he had a pierced tongue, and was trying to make sure that I knew it. But in the fluctuating gloom of the club, a pierced tongue wasn't readily visible unless the stud came with a blinking light. When the song ended, I patted Michael's shoulder and decided that his enthusiasm needed to be spread around.

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