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By Halton C. Arp

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Dr. Arp has lengthy endorsed that quasars and different excessive redshift items might be ejected from within reach reduce redshift galaxies. This catalog offers quite a few examples of the institutions he reveals among excessive redshift items and their low redshift mom and dad. The booklet starts off with an outline of the styles after which proceeds to an intensive catalog with maps, descriptions, lists, and instructed follow-up observations for every item. Seventeen colour plates are came across on the finish of the catalog. the various examples are compelling and make a powerful case for follow-up observations. The booklet is an efficient learn and a superb glance!

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2 Labeled are redshifts in rest frame of UM 341 and delta z’s. The important point demonstrated above is that if the quasars are simply analyzed without inspection of the field, no redshift periodicity will be found. If parent galaxies are identified, the periodicity will be conspicuously observed. S. 336, L13, 2002) which publicized widely the conclusion that the largest body of data on quasars proved that there was no quantization present in the redshifts. One might ask if UM 341 and NGC 622 are related.

2002). This should unequivocably settle the fact that quasars are ejected from galaxies. a. Gamma Rays—the Most Energetic Connection In 1995 an X-ray survey map of the Virgo Cluster was published. 158) to the south. This result was denied publication in major journals and ignored. 538). The extremely high energy radiation was interpreted as the ejection of proto quasar material from the active nuclei of the older galaxies (Arp, Narlikar and Radecke 1997). The original Radecke map can also be seen in Seeing Red Plate 5-18 where more details of the events connected with it can be consulted.

1998) indicates ejection along the narrow bar of this active galaxy. 06 as shown on the accompanying map. 48 quasars. So there are two sets of quasars suggesting a match with the two inner pairs of radio sources. The numerical value of the quasar redshifts also argue against their being accidental background projections. 06 of the ones on the SE. 48. 6’ E of NGC 613 in the Fig. 7 apparent magnitude and is a very strong X-ray source. ). This pair of unusual objects fits the distance and alignment criteria of ejected objects from bright galaxies.

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