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By Victoria Ashton

ISBN-10: 0061902896

ISBN-13: 9780061902895

Why I hate Cameron Warner:

1. She stole my boyfriend.

2. She is the richest youngster in NYC, with extra dressmaker footwear than a division store.

3. i need to plan a celebration so she will be able to be topped Debutante of the 12 months. Like I care!

4. Did I point out: She stole my boyfriend!!!!

Sixteen-year-old Adrienne Lewis is a nanny within the marvelous Warner penthouse excessive above new york. on a daily basis, Adrienne watches eight-year-old Emma after college and continuously tangles with Emma's appealing yet depraved teenage part sister, Cameron.

In the period in-between, Adrienne's ally, Liz Braun, has additionally gotten stuck within the seductive net of society, going out on jaw-dropping dates with the devilishly good-looking and prosperous Parker Devlin.

But is Parker taking part in Liz, or is that this simply how the wealthy play? and will cash really purchase every little thing for women like Cameron—including Adrienne's personal boyfriend?

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She hadn’t heard a word from him since. Oh, she saw him in school, but they didn’t speak. Well, he was the one in the wrong. It was up to him to apologize, wasn’t it? To explain, to beg her forgiveness. Only it never happened. And it didn’t look like it ever would. Maybe he’s embarrassed, Adrienne told herself for the ten-thousandth time. Maybe he wants to talk to me but is afraid I don’t want to talk to him. That’s why he’s avoiding me. Or maybe not. Maybe he’s fallen for Cameron for real. And it’s truly over for us.

The three girls played with their food while they carefully listened to the conversation at the next table. “You have to admit, ” Cameron said, “he is cute. ” “He’s a bore, ” Mimi said. “Oh, Isabelle, we all went to Town for dinner last night, and he ate”—Mimi shuddered—“with his hands. ” “It wasn’t that bad, Meems, ” Cam protested with a giggle. “Though he did look like an idiot wrestling with the artichoke. ” The three girls laughed meanly together. “If Brian knew that Cameron sits around making fun of him, he’d be totally humiliated, ” Belinda said quietly.

But he’s seriously gone on Cameron. ” Tamara studied Brian with dark, narrowed eyes. “It’s hard to compete with those gifts. That diamond watch looks like it’s going to dislocate his shoulder. ” Adrienne fought back waves of disappointment. She took in a deep breath. “I do have a way to compete with Cameron, ” she announced. ” Lily asked. “Mrs. Warner offered to pay me to get Brian away from Cameron, ”Adrienne said, settling back into her chair. “She’ll help me in any way she can. ” Tamara and Lily chimed together.

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