Dangerous Girls by R.L. Stine PDF

By R.L. Stine

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I see Dad didn’t get the front fender fixed. And the car is covered with dust. He probably didn’t wash it all summer. Destiny’s mom had always taken care of the practical matters, allowing her husband to spend all his thoughts on his veterinary practice 33 and his research. With Mom gone, the car will just disappear under a mountain of dirt, Destiny thought. ” No answer. Destiny turned and saw Chris Harvey, the lanky, blond-haired arts-and-crafts counselor, bent over, throwing up noisily against the side of his cabin.

Focus. Focus. She blinked hard. But it all seemed fuzzy, far away. She gazed into Renz’s eyes, glowing black, staring down at her. And as she stared, she realized to her amazement that she shared his thoughts. She saw a young, black-haired boy, six or seven, bare chested, in ragged, stained trousers that came down just below his knees. The boy, dirty faced, ribs poking out, carried a fishing pole much too long for him. He dragged it along a dusty road. Destiny knew it was Renz—Renz as a young boy.

It happened so quickly. She saw Renz’s angry tears. And heard his angry, desperate vow to find Laura again. To be reunited with her no matter how many decades or centuries it took. Destiny saw it all as the stars swirled above her and the sky continued to spin. But I’m not Laura, she told herself, the world so distant now as if she saw it through a curtain of gauze. I’m not Laura. So what does he want with me? 27 Chapter Five “I’ll Follow You Home” Renz gazed down at her, breathing deeply, feel- ing the cool night air brush against his hot face.

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