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By Hobson Brown

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Again for her moment 12 months, Nikki Olivetti sounds like she's ultimately discovering her means at Wellington. And she's able to exhibit another person the ropes, anyone new, an individual like Delia Breton, a move scholar from California with a depressing prior. notwithstanding Delia does not particularly slot in at any place, she is familiar with tips to have fun everywhere.But whilst the quest for enjoyable takes Nikki and Delia off campus, they locate themselves in deep trouble. no matter if they make it again, they may have without end ruined their probabilities of graduating to the higher classification.

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Everyone laughs. Delia’s gaze lingers on him as people line up with paper plates. He reminds her of this guy who worked at her friend Mara’s farm near Big Sur. She and Mara were eleven and had a crush; he must have been seventeen or eighteen. He washed up in the artichoke fields with a backpack, dirty 47 jeans, and expensive sunglasses, and worked the summer. Looking back, he probably had a trust fund, but he was picking artichokes under the broiling sky, afternoon after afternoon. Mara and Delia would hide in the plants and watch, his golden back straining as he harvested.

I’m not saying I know what you went through. ” Nikki smiles bitterly. She wants to make a joke, pull it together, stop showing all her cards. But she’s paralyzed. ” Delia asks quietly. Nikki finally flicks her eyes at Delia and then away. ” “On a Friday. ” Nikki tells Delia stories about her mom, stories from 55 before Nikki was born, and after, and right at the end. Stories her dad told her, about Missy trying to learn piano but never graduating from the basic melody of “In a New York Minute,” which was the only song she wanted to learn anyway.

Delia sets her alarm. She lies in bed with the lights on. On her wall is a vintage poster for an old California train line. The engine passes straight through an orange grove, the trees heavy with fruit. A farmer and his dog watch the machine pass through their cultivated Eden. The poster is 48 reflected in the black window behind Delia, and Delia and the window and the poster are reflected in the glass on the poster. She wakes up suddenly, as if tilting dangerously on a wave. She breathes, scared, and touches the sheets.

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