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Introduces the sunlight, our famous person, its dating to different strs, its sunlight method, and the results it has on the earth.

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It is the distance light travels in a year, about 6 trillion miles (10 trillion km). lunarhaving to do with the Moon nebulaa cloud of dust and gas in space photospherethe Sun's visible surface photosynthesisthe process by which plants use sunlight to make their own food planeta large heavenly body that circles around the Sun in space probea spacecraft that escapes from Earth to travel to a heavenly body prominencea great fountain of flaming gas rising through the Sun's atmosphere red gianta huge star that is dying satellitean object that circles in orbit around a larger body.

They can see the fiery fountains called prominences and the white corona. Astronomers travel all over the world to see and photograph total eclipses. STAR POINT The longest a total eclipse of the Sun can last is about 7 1/2 minutes. But most eclipses are much shorter.  The sky did not go totally dark; it became orange on the horizon, like it often does at sunset. Frightening the Dragon Eclipses of the Sun terrified ancient peoples because they did not know what was happening. They thought that some great heavenly monster was trying to swallow the Sun.

Farther out, the corona appears as a pearly white halo. The Solar Wind The Sun gives off heat, light, and other rays. It also gives off streams of tiny particles. These particles carry a tiny amount of electricity. They flow out into space in all directions. This flow of particles is called the solar wind. Usually, the solar wind "blows" gently, like a summer breeze on Earth. But when a flare springs up on the Sun's surface and gives out its great blasts of particles, the solar wind can become a gale.

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