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By Christine Green

Make outdoors playtime enjoyable and relaxing with this excellent choice of conventional and new video games that might quickly turn into playground favourites. The actions use on hand apparatus equivalent to balls and skipping ropes and may swimsuit person scholars, teams or maybe the entire classification.

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How many days was I there? – at this point the two turners have to turn the rope as fast as they can, and the skipper tries to keep skipping while counting. ✦ The skipper is out when he/she messes up with the counting or runs out of energy at which point game one is over and it is the turn of someone else. ✦ Everyone must keep his or her own scores and the one who has reached the highest number is the winner. 40 Playground Games Rope games 34. Name a Country ✦ Two people begin swinging the rope at the same time reciting the verse as the skipper is trying to keep up skipping over the rope.

Whether or not the batter hits the ball, they can decide to run to first base or further. Each subsequent time the ball is bowled, the runners can move on. They can run on one base or all the way to home base to score a rounder. The batter cannot overtake any of their team members while they are in play. ✦ The aim for the fielding team is to stop as many of their opponents scoring by throwing the ball to any of the bases the opponents are running to. Playground Games 35 Ball games 30. Bad egg Equipment: Soft ball ✦ One player is chosen as the ‘bad egg’, picks up the soft ball and turns his/her back to the players.

However, they can only split off when they have even numbers. The game continues until everyone has been caught into a human chain. 62. Scream! Be aware this is a noisy game and so should preferably be played on a large open field well away from the rest of the school. ✦ Everyone lines up alongside one another at one end of the field, and as the teacher shouts ‘Now’ each child takes a big breath and screams as loud as they are able, whilst running towards the opposite side of the field. ✦ It may sound easy but the trick is that they can only run for as long as they can sream, so when they run out of breath they must stop.

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