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By June Scott

ISBN-10: 1780887868

ISBN-13: 9781780887869

500 Cryptic Clues is the precise booklet for all crossword solvers and puzzle fans. June Scott has compiled lists of cryptic clues (usually merely present in crossword grids) and demanding situations her readers to unravel them. With its designated checklist type structure, and thematically grouped clues, 500 Cryptic Clues will problem puzzlers to enhance their cryptic clue talents whereas having fun with fixing the puzzles. Pocket-sized, it is a ideal and strange e-book for visitors, commuters and somebody who enjoys fixing cryptic clues and note puzzles.

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4. A pound for a penny. 5. Deep earth! 6. Royal crossing. 7. Located in Blairgowrie. 8. The Spanish drink 9. Contrary requirement as regards degree. 10. Bird flies round North America. 11. Normal kick! 12. A son is born. 13. Nearly an oblong gold coin. 14. Enemies conceal Real Radio. 15. Harry? 16. Shaft with water by the railway. 17. Where you might find a selection of headgear. 18. Feature of hyperthyroidism. 19. Disadvantage that is next to opening. 20. Americans might feel at home here. 21.

Mango 12. Beans 13. Artichoke 14. Sultana 15. Spinach 16. Date 17. Strawberry 18. Shallot 19. Watercress 20. Plum 21. Sloe 22. Parsnip 23. Prune 24. Mange Tout 25. Apricot GIRLS NAMES 1. Tracey 2. Fiona 3. Elspeth 4. Anna 5. Clare 6. May 7. Margaret 8. Heather 9. Gemma 10. Vivien 11. Roberta 12. Melissa 13. Lucy 14. Tessa 15. Iris 16. Hilary 17. Janice 18. Norma 19. Prudence 20. Bethan 21. Amber 22. Jenny 23. Penny 24. Sandra 25. Hannah HOUSEHOLD ITEMS 1. Bureau 2. Washing Machine 3. Radiators 4.

He takes no risks. 10. Joint trader. 11. He appears between Centigrade and Fahrenheit. 12. Claims to be a teacher. 13. To get into dire trouble. 14. Car to the right. 15. Certificated teacher stands in entrance. 16. To the French god. 17. Title for a polite employee. 18. Concerning dark brown ale. 19. Continental shiner. 20. Obstruct her. 21. No stamp! 22. Levy on one chauffeur. 23. Signal first. 24. Major route inside cabinet. 25. Exploit him. PARTS OF BODY 1. Wealthy musician has one. 2. Two girls.

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