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I]A significant other to Greek Mythology[/i] provides a sequence of essays that discover the phenomenon of Greek delusion from its origins in shared Indo-European tale styles and the Greeks' contacts with their jap Mediterranean neighbours via its improvement as a shared language and thought-system for the Greco-Roman world.

• positive aspects essays from a prestigious overseas staff of literary experts
• contains insurance of Greek myth's intersection with heritage, philosophy and religion
• Introduces readers to subject matters in mythology which are frequently inaccessible to non-specialists
• Addresses the Hellenistic and Roman classes in addition to Archaic and Classical Greece

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30. Barthe (1957: ‘Le Mythe, aujourd’hui’ (‘Myth today’)). 31. Lévi-Strauss and Eribon (1998: 107). 32. Frye (1957, 1963). 33. Cf. Durand (1992: 35–7). 34. For example, Jung and Kerényi (1951). 35. See Kerényi (1976a, 1976b). 36. See the ingenious solution of Sauzeau (2010). 37. Dowden (forthcoming). ‘Fact and fiction in the New Mythology: 100 BC–AD 100’, in J. R. Morgan, I. Repath (eds), ‘Where the Truth Lies’: Lies and Metafiction in Ancient Literature, Groningen. 38. See Borg (2004), in which several essays are of interest to the student of mythology.

156); an instance of the principle, which has applied throughout human history, that colonization can also happen in reverse. We might draw an alternative metaphor from myth itself: the story in which Zeus’ first wife Metis – Cunning Intelligence personified – is pregnant with the wise goddess Athene, and Zeus is warned that his next offspring will be a son destined to overthrow his father. Zeus pre-empts this by swallowing Metis. Metis becomes the Intelligence of Zeus, and Zeus himself gives birth to Athene (Hesiod, Theogony 886–900; F 343 MW, F 294 Most).

Yet even they will acknowledge that some genuine movements of Greek peoples are reflected in the mythology: the colonization of Rhodes by peoples of the Argolid may be reflected in the mythology (Dowden 1989: 150) and Troy may reflect the takeover of the Asia Minor seaboard by the colonizing Greeks (Dowden 1992: 68). But Troy is the key case where we need to set aside naive views, stemming from Schliemann, which dignify material finds through association with mythic culture as though it were simply history.

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