A History of Religious Ideas, Volume 1: From the Stone Age by Mircea Eliade PDF

By Mircea Eliade

ISBN-10: 0226204014

ISBN-13: 9780226204017

Publish yr note: initially released in French lower than the
title Histoire des croyances et des idees religieuses. Vol. 1: De [,age de l. a. pierre
aux mysteres d'Eleusis
Payot, Paris, 1976.

"No one has performed a lot as Mr. Eliade to notify literature scholars within the West approximately 'primitive' and Oriental religions. . . . all people who cares concerning the human experience will locate new info and new angles of vision."— Martin E. Marty, long island instances ebook Review

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But an examination of burial as practiced by an archaic people of our own time is enough to demonstrate the richness and depth of the religious symbolism implied in a ceremony that appears to be so simple. Reichel-Dolmatoff has given a detailed description of a contemporary (1966) burial of a girl among the Kogi Indians, a tribe speaking the Chibcha language and inhabiting the Sierra Nevada de Santa Maria in Colombia. 12 After choosing the site for the grave, the shaman (mama) performs a series of ritual gestures and declares: "Here is the village of Death; here is the ceremonial house of Death; here is the womb.

The dead girl is wrapped in white cloth, and her father sews the shroud. During all this time her mother and grandmother chant a slow, almost wordless song. Small green stones, shells of shellfish, and the shell of a gastropod are placed in the bottom of the grave. Then the shaman tries to lift the body, giving the impression that it is too heavy; he does not succeed until the ninth attempt. The body is laid with its head toward the East, and "the house is closed," that is, the excavation is filled up.

Ucko and Andre Rosenfeld, Paleolithic Cave Art, pp. 188-89, for a discussion of Begouen and Casteret's publications. 23. Charet has interpreted the prints of human feet in the Tuc d' Aubert cave as a proof of the initiation of boys; the hypothesis has been accepted by 18 THE PALEANTHROPIANS explained as representing a dancer masked as a bison and playing an instrument that might be a flute. The interpretation seems convincing, since we know, in Paleolithic art, some fifty-five representations of men dressed in skins, often in a dancing posture.

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