A Philosophy of Culture: The Scope of Holistic Pragmatism by Morton White PDF

By Morton White

ISBN-10: 0691123985

ISBN-13: 9780691123981

In this publication, certainly one of America's top philosophers bargains a sweeping reconsideration of the philosophy of tradition within the 20th century. Morton White argues that the self-discipline is way extra very important than is frequently well-known, and that his model of holistic pragmatism can accommodate its breadth. Going past Quine's dictum that philosophy of technological know-how is philosophy sufficient, White means that it's going to comprise the be aware "culture" rather than "science." He defends the holistic view that clinical trust is confirmed through event yet that such checking out is rightly utilized to structures or conjunctions of ideals, no longer remoted ideals. He provides, although, that we attempt moral structures via attractive to emotions of ethical legal responsibility in addition to to sensory experiences.

In the process his lucidly written research, White treats principal concerns within the philosophy of technological know-how, of faith, of artwork, of background, of legislations, of politics, and of morality. whereas doing so he examines the perspectives of Quine, Tarski, Goodman, and Rawls, and exhibits how they're on the topic of the ways of Peirce, James, Duhem, Russell, Dewey, Carnap, and the later Wittgenstein. He additionally discusses the guidelines of the criminal philosophers Holmes and Hart from a holistic standpoint.

White demonstrates how his model of pragmatism bridges the conventional gulf among analytic and artificial fact in addition to that among ethical and medical trust. certainly, the excessive element of the booklet is a superb presentation of his view of ethics, according to the concept that our medical theories face the tribunal of remark while our moral perspectives face the joint tribunal of remark and ethical feeling. students and scholars of the historical past of rules and of philosophy will welcome A Philosophy of tradition because the hugely comprehensive made of greater than sixty years of philosophical mirrored image through an immense thinker.

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In addition to calling attention to the similarity between predominantly artistic experiences or productions and predominantly scientific experiences or experiments, and in addition to tracing them to their biological roots, Dewey presents a general description of the main features of an artistic-esthetic experience. To describe it, he says, is to describe the stages by which it moves toward its goal, stages he lists in order as cumulation, tension, conservation, anticipation, and consummation. Dewey begins his discussion of these stages with a remark about the everyday process through which an ordinary person goes when furnishing a room.

11. 5 John Dewey, Philosophy and Civilization (New York, 1931), p. 129. 6 John Dewey, Reconstruction in Philosophy (New York, 1920), p. 135. 7 John Dewey, The Quest for Certainty: A Study of the Relation of Knowledge and Action (New York, 1929), p. 27. 8 John Dewey, Logic: The Theory of Inquiry (New York, 1938), pp. 146–47, 283–84. 40 CHAPTER THREE a distinction between two kinds of propositions that others have called synthetic and analytic. It seems, therefore, that Dewey has no consistent view to which he can appeal when asked how he links a statement about direct experience and one about an interaction between the organism and the environment.

For if there is confusion, “vision cannot then complete itself” (p. 136). It will be broken up into a succession of disconnected seeings, but no mere succession is a series, according to Dewey. When, on the other hand, masses are balanced, colors harmonized, and lines and plane meet and intersect fittingly, perception of them is serial and grasps the whole because each sequential act of vision builds up and reinforces what went before. The artist’s movement toward his goal begins with a period of cumulation in which the colors, lines, and planes of a painting begin to mass and cohere with each other until a period of tension emerges.

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