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The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They contain a solution key.

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But if the sex of the animal is known, his/her would often be used. If there is more than one possessor, their is used: The girls are with their brother. Trees drop their leaves in autumn. Note that the possessive adjective remains the same whether the thing possessed is singular or plural: my glove, my gloves his foot, his feet Possessive adjectives are used with clothes and parts of the body: She changed her shoes. He injured his back. ) To add emphasis, own can be placed after my, your, his etc.

47 both both means 'one and the other'. It takes a plural verb. both can be used alone or followed by a noun: Both (doors) were open or by (of) + the/these/those or possessives: both (of) the wheels both (of) your wheels or by of + us/you/them: Both of us knew him. A personal pronoun + both is also possible: We both knew him. ) both . . and . . : It was both cold and wet. He is both an actor and a director. He both acts and directs. 48 all/both/each + of and alternative constructions A all (pronoun) can be followed by of + the/this/these/that/those/ possessives and proper nouns.

She behaved most generously. ) Constructions with comparisons (see also 341) When the same verb is required in both clauses we normally use an auxiliary for the second verb (see 22). With the positive form we use as ... as with an affirmative verb, and as/so ... as with a negative verb: He worked as slowly as he dared. He doesn't snore as/so loudly as you do. It didn't take as/so long as I expected. With the comparative form we use than: He eats more quickly than I do/than me. He played better than he had ever played.

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