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By David J. Fekete

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141). Here, Ovid speaks resoundingly to our society. How often do we find partners accused of not paying enough attention to their beloved? When we become too involved in our work, relationships can suffer. When we fail to show our loved ones that they still have a place in our hearts, they become discontented. Some, as Ovid suggests, look to extramarital affairs for the companionship they don’t have in their marriages. Couples forget that love is an art, and requires continual nurture to endure.

If she has full round breasts, call her fat as a pig; if she’s slender, Thin as a rail; if she’s dark, black as the ace of spades. If she has city ways, label her stuck-up and bitchy; If she is simple and good, call her a hick from the farm. After turning her virtues into defects comes the process of accentuating the actual defects as much as possible: Whatever talent she lacks, coax and cajole her to use it: If she hasn’t a voice, try to persuade her to sing; If she trips over her feet, make her dance; if her accent’s atrocious, Get her to talk; all thumbs?

Ovid, The Art of Love, trans. Rolfe Humphries (Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana UP, 1957), p. 105. 39. Ovid, The Art of Love, p. 124. 27 A Rhapsody of Love and Spirituality and banished him to the crude, barbaric outlands of the Black Sea. One could hardly devise a more devious torment for this highly cultured and urbane gentleman. ), the frequent raids from barbaric tribes. In these tedious poems he constantly begs Caesar to allow him back into Rome. Caesar wasn’t moved by any of this, and so Ovid remained in the Black Sea territories till his death.

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