An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black by Jouni Yrjölä, Jussi Tella PDF

By Jouni Yrjölä, Jussi Tella

ISBN-10: 1901983501

ISBN-13: 9781901983500

This ebook equips the reader with every thing she or he must understand to play Black in a online game of chess. skilled Finnish gamers have defined a thrilling repertoire in response to the circulation 1...d6 in respond to no matter what White's first circulation occurs to be. Black's method is hypermodern and dynamic: White is inspired to grab house, whereas Black develops his items swiftly and actively, looking forward to the precise second to assault and damage White's valuable bastions. the diversities recommended were confirmed in top-level play and feature quick-strike strength if White is in any respect careless or obscure. The repertoire is predicated round the Pirc Defence and the diversities 1 d4 d6 2 c4 e5 and 1 d4 d6 2 Nf3 Bg4, which are compatible seamlessly including 1...d6 structures opposed to White's quite a few flank openings.

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Very powerful. 22 ... ~g7 After 22 ... ~xg6+ the bishop on e6 lacks support: 23 ... 'lli'g7 (23 ... ~xf6 and White has won back everything with interest. As we have mentioned before, your opponent's attacking set-up might look more impressive than it really is. Sometimes there might be a way to disrupt the harmony between his pieces. The right push at the right place might throw some ofthe pieces out of balance, after which the attack loses momentum. The following example illustrates this concept.

01 Computer Deep BlueGKasparov (2785) N. Y. a6? After this move Kasparov resigned, believing the machine. But he could have drawn. a7 AfB 47:{;}

Il1xd5+ and now watch this: 38 ... ~g6! f5+ 'it>g5! il1d2+ 'it>g6 and finally the black king is safe, not in the least because he did a good job defending himself. 35 ... ~cl+ We would like to finish this chapter with a final, significant principle, one that was already pointed out by the first official world champion Wilhelm Steinitz: The king itself should be considered a defensive unit. In Hodgson's terms, the king should be added to the box of defenders (which is compared to the box of attackers).

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An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire for Black by Jouni Yrjölä, Jussi Tella

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