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The encodedness model has been questioned recently in a paper by Darwin and Baddeley (1974) which reports a number of experiments concerning recall of sequences. First, they showed a recency effect (indicating acoustic storage) for discriminable consonant-vowel syllables ("sha, ma, ga" and "ash, am, ag"). Crowder (1971) failed to obtain this effect with syllables constructed of stop consonants and vowels ("ba, da, ga"), confirming that distinctions between storage stages are not a simple matter of the distinctions between consonants and vowels.

If a behavioural distinction exists between these two storage systems then the distinction should be manifest in behaviour which is not constrained by electrical shocks, convulsive drugs and other treatments. If humans have uses for short-term storage and long-term storage of information then psychologists should be able to observe these operations without recourse to artificial interference which undoubtedly does more to the organism than merely disrupt consoHdation of the memory trace. Psychological evidence should be consistent with physiological evidence of course, and by assessing constraints of behaviour 52 Categorical Memory 53 imposed by physiological mechanisms insight into psychological processes may be gained.

Now, if physical but not semantic cues may be used in the selection and rejection of which precategorical stimuH wiU be attended in the case of vision, might we expect physical but not semantic features be used in the selection and rejection of precategorical auditory stimuli? This is a point which emerges from a number of the suffix experiments. When a physical cue differentiates the suffix from the Hst to be recalled then the effect of the suffix is lessened. Concerned with the importance of voice similarities of the suffix to the Hst Morton et al, have presented the suffix read out by a number of different speakers.

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