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By Henry Sakaida, Koji Takaki

ISBN-10: 1841761613

ISBN-13: 9781841761619

B-29! No different time period struck such terror within the hearts of the japanese public in the course of global struggle 2 than this unmarried, most-hated identify. It was once then merely average that the pilots who tried to shoot those high-flying Boeing bombers out of the skies over Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kobe may still turn into referred to as the elite of the japanese military Air strength.

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Only at the end of the fieldwork did I risk the impersonal method of mailing questionnaires, and I later learned that some of the recipients were upset and angry. Establishing rapport was less difficult than finding informants—not so much because I shared the Japanese culture or because of my Gakushuin connection, but because I was a status outsider. I could act like an alien anthropologist by assuming the role of a culture learner from a native teacher-informant. To create such a relationship I always introduced myself as a person of peasant origin and stressed the status irrelevance of my Gakushuin background.

Kiyomori operated within the existing imperial court hierarchy, became chancellor (1167), and mimicked the Fujiwara by marrying his daughter to an emperor. He was the first kuge of warrior origin. The next military dictator, Minamoto Yoritomo, opened a new era (1192) by establishing in Kamakura, away from and in parallel with the imperial court of Heian (Kyoto), a warrior government, the bakufu—an institution that would also be perpetuated until the Meiji Restoration, though under different families.

To adjust this inconsistency the Tokugawa resorted to marriage politics, giving their women to some of these powerful tozama families and granting the name Matsudaira to eleven such daimyo (KK 1966, 46). This compromise on the part of the Tokugawa reveals that what counted most was the daimyo’s political and economic power over his domain, measured by koku of rice assessed in taxes. House status, by comparison, meant much less, unless bolstered by affluence. In sharp contrast were the circumstances of the kuge, a pitiful lot indeed if we apply the daimyo standard of koku to assess their status.

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