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By Carlos Aguilar, Stefano Piselli, Riccardo Morrocchi, Daniel Aguilar

ISBN-10: 8882750655

ISBN-13: 9788882750657

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Eroticism in eastern style cinema of the Golden Age, from “Ero Gro” to “Pinku Eiga”, to the “Roman Porno”. The gruesome, the surreal, the macabre, the sadism, the masochism, the lesbianism within the videos produced by way of the likes of Shintoho, Daiei, Nikkatsu, Toei and Okura, within the motion pictures via Koji Wakamatsu (Violated Angels, The Embryo), Teruo Ishii (Joys of Torture), Yusuke Watanabe (Female, evening Ladies), Yasuzo Masumura (Cross of ardour, A Fool’s Love), Seijun Suzuki (Gate of Flesh, Branded to Kill), Ko Nakahira (Hunter’s Diary), Toshiaki Kunihara (Secret booklet of a girls Prison), Nobuo Nakagawa (Vampire Woman), Keigo Kimura (Diary of a silly outdated Man)...
The heroines of those films are play-ed through such intercourse symbols as Mako Midori, Naomi Tani, Ikuko Moori and Ayako Wakao, which are constantly tied up and tortured.
This quantity contains a wealthy iconographic reveal of infrequent images and unique posters, unpublished writings by way of the everlasting Queen of S&M Naomi Tani, and cult administrators like Teruo Ishii and Seijun Suzuki, finishing up with a specific bibliography and filmography.

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Pronta a proporrc Ia sua specifica tipologia di fi lm erotici fin dal 196-t. ; Diary (Ko Nakahira). Nikutai no mon I Gate of Flesh (Seijun Suzuki) e Akai sa/sui I Red Impulse of Killing (Shohei Imamura). a distanza di pochc sertimane uno dall"altro. :onsiderati dei classici del cinema giapponese, supcrando i limiti legati al pcriodo specifico e al genere. ,ushil Nakahira nasce nel 1926. mti dranuni giovanilistici. a cominciarc dalla sua opera prima. ed Fruit ( 1956). film della tribu del sole'").

He plans an unprecedented. even aggressive strategy: offering audiences what they want, but can't get from the majors for moral reasons; that is violence. horror. and sex. Thanks to several spectacular advertising campaigns (at times a tittle mistyfying) and shoe-string budgets coupled with a running time of a little less than eighty minutes, Mitsugi Okura targets above all the popular neighbourhood theatre~ and those in the provinces. Although Okura's reign at Shintoho lasts only five years, they are significant ones, as be takes on the American concept of Exploitation.

Ia quale recita anche con lo pseudonimo di Kazuko Maki. Yamamoto realizza nume rosi " pinku eiga•·. alcuni dei quali hanno per protagonista Naomi Tani. e cbe spesso presentano il fcticismo delle donne in divisa: poliziotte. inferrniere. studentesse. eccetera. In fine. segnaliarno r infaticabile e prolifico Mamoru Watanabe, che si distingue notevolmente da Wakamatsu. Uno dei suoi primi film e Dorei mibojin I Slave Widow ( 1967). un "pinku eiga" di successo. Ja sua poetica atmosfera fatalista e all'intuizione di inserire una miriade di scene di sesso quasi statiche.

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