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BLOOD LIES: The facts that each Accusation opposed to Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's "Bloodlands Is False." PLUS: What particularly occurred in: the Famine of 1932-33; the "Polish Operation"; the "Great Terror"; the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact; the "Soviet invasion of Poland"; the "Katyn Massacre"; the Warsaw rebellion; and "Stalin's Anti-Semitism" (ISBN: 978-0-692-20099-5) through Grover Furr

"Bloodlands. Europe among Hitler and Stalin, by means of Timothy Snyder" (N.Y: easy Books, 2010) is by way of some distance the main winning try to date to equate Stalin with Hitler, the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany. It has bought dozens of rave stories, prizes for historiography; and has been translated into 25 languages.

Snyder's major objective is Joseph Stalin. His broader declare is that the Soviets killed 6 to nine million blameless civilians whereas the Nazis have been killing approximately 14 million. Snyder reveals parallels among Soviet and Nazi crimes at each flip.

Grover Furr methodically checked each footnote to whatever which may be construed as a criminal offense through Stalin, the USSR, or pro-Soviet communists. Snyder's major assets are in Polish and Ukrainian, in hard-to-find books and articles. Many resources are reprinted in Blood Lies of their unique languages - Polish, Ukrainian, German, Russian - continually with English translations.

Furr has chanced on that each unmarried "crime" Snyder alleges is fake - a fabrication. usually Snyder's resources don't say what he claims. frequently Snyder cites anticommunist Polish and Ukrainian secondary resources that do the mendacity for him. no longer a unmarried accusation holds up.
Blood Lies exposes the lies and falsehoods at the back of Soviet historical past of the Stalin interval with a similar meticulous cognizance to element as Furr's 2011 paintings "Khrushchev Lied," and his 2013 ebook "The homicide of Sergei Kirov."

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122, p. 40 (only partly in Diehl, Anth. Lyr. 3, fasc. 3 [1952] to fr. 70), but no editor so far seems to have accepted Lobel’s suggestions as regards the text of the poet. 14 Poets, Rhapsodes, Philosophers fixed by Stoic grammarians and philosophers/ but this is by no means certain. However, if one is bold enough to attribute to Anacreon the knowledge of a case-system in the second half of the sixth century, it would be inconsistent not to assume a similar knowledge for Archilochus in the first half of the seventh century; for according to the writer Περί σχημάτων both these poets employed a proper name in various cases, Archilochus four and Anacreon three times.

88 Β 2 . ίο), ‘the Phoenicians invented letters which help men to think and to speak’ (βοηθοϋντα εις λόγον Eust. p. 177 1. 44). In the archaic period which fol­ lowed the epic age the Greeks’ first aim was at beauty of script; for evidence we have only to look at the early inscriptions on stone still pre­ served. This tendency towards harmony and even ‘geometric’ norms was observed by later writers: Πυθαγόρας αυτών (sc. τών γραμμάτων) του κάλλους εττεμελήθη, εκ τής κατά γεωμετρίαν γραμμής ρυθμίσας .

The very existence of scholarship depends on the book,3 and books seem to have come into common use in the course of the fifth century, par­ ticularly as the medium for Sophistic writings. 4 This may be the right moment for having a look at ‘the oriental background’ against which the whole of Greek culture had arisen, in so far as it is relevant for Greek scholarship. While aware of this historical process, I am, naturally enough, rather reluctant to speak of it as I have not the slightest acquaintance with the languages concerned; so I am forced to rely on the reports and interpretations of specialists and to draw conclusions from them with due reserve.

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