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It also contains the story of the voyage of Bran (3). The Book of the Dun Cow is one of three noteworthy volumes of Celtic lore. The other two are The Yellow Book of Lecan and the Book of Leinster. All three books were extremely valuable at the time they were made, since they were copied by hand in the time before the printing press made books easier to produce. Making such manuscripts (handwritten books) would have been very time-consuming and expensive. The Book of the Dun Cow itself reached nearlegendary status.

This important volume tells of six waves of peoples who invaded or conquered Ireland. The collection of stories knits together pieces of history, elements of mythology, and biblical references to form the invented “history” of how Ireland was settled by gods and mortals. It begins with the great Flood described in the Bible and ends with the ancestors of the Celts. The following are the six stories of the successive invasions. Cesair and Fintanâ•… The first group to arrive, according to the Book of Invasions, was led by Cesair (1).

He used his smaller advance guard as a wedge to break through the Celtic lines to win the battle. With most of her army slaughtered, Boudicca and her daughters took poison to escape bondage and ritual execution in Rome, a fate that several Celtic leaders faced throughout the Roman occupation. Boudicca’s feat soon became the stuff of legend. During the Victorian age, when England was expanding its empire under Queen Victoria, Boudicca’s 16 Bran battle against the Roman invasion inspired many sculptors and artists to use her as an image of British might and determination as well as an emblem of their own Queen’s authority.

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