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By David Vigorito

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Chess advancements is a new sequence delivering cutting-edge insurance of chess openings. Chess advancements makes a speciality of severe traces, present developments, strong new principles and state of the art concept. It bargains gamers of all degrees the chance to extend their beginning wisdom and realizing, and to extend and improve their establishing repertoires. The Sicilian Dragon is definitely essentially the most renowned and eagerly mentioned chess openings. the most traces usually result in super complex positions during which each side assault freely, one slip might be deadly, and a deep wisdom of the hole concept and nuances may perhaps turn out to be a decisive virtue. during this ebook, David Vigorito examines an important and instructive Sicilian Dragon video games lately. Vigorito is famous for his beginning services, and his paintings is usually jam-packed with leading edge principles. moreover, his lucid reasons of the main plans and strategies will gain all gamers. *Up-to-date assurance of the Sicilian Dragon *Packed with key new rules and significant research *Written by means of a well known beginning specialist

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If 22 Bb3?! Qe8! and 23 hS? is not possible because of 23 ... RxgS. 19... Rxe3 20 fxg6 Rxb3+ 21 axb3?! After this White is worse. Better was 21 cxb3 fxg6 22 Rcl with an unclear position. fxg6 22 e3 Qes 23 Rhe1 Re8 24 Qd2 as (Diagram 78) Diagram 78 (W) Diagram 79 (B) Black's initiative is growing. 25 Re1 a4 26 Bh6?! White should probably try 26 bxa4, but the position remains very uncomfortable. 26 ... 1 Better was 26 ... es! when the d4-knight has trouble finding a good square. After 27 Bxg7 Kxg7 28 Nc2 (28 Ne2 Nxe4) 28 ...

Qas!? KEY DEVELOPMENT: Black is rightly ambitious. That said, there was also nothing wrong with 19 ... Pavlovic, Barbera del Valles 1994. Black's king is quite safe and he has the bishop pair. 20f4 Black's tactical point is that 20 Qxg6 e6! picks up the gs-bishop and ends White's attack. Instead 20 Nds is tempting, but Black has no problems after 20 ... e6 and then: a) 21 Nfs fails to 21 ... Rxds! 22 Bxds exfs 23 Qxg6 Qxds! 24 Qxg7+ Kxg7 as given by Carlsen. t (Black can 52 So/tis Variation: 10 0-0-0 ReB 11 Bb3 Ne5 12 h4 h5 also acquiesce to a draw with 25 ...

Looks more testing) 46 Soltis Variation: 10 0-0-0 ReB 11 Bb3 Ne5 12 h4 h5 21 ... Nxb2! 22 Kxb2 a4 23 Ka2 (Black breaks through after 23 Ba2 b4) 23 ... Polzin, Mainz (rapid) 2008. Here 27 ... axb3+ 28 Nxb3 QC7 29 Bxg7 Nxg7 would leave Black with sufficient compensation for the exchange. 18 ... a4!? The alternative is 18 ... Nxf4 19 Qxf4 Nc4 (hoping for 20 h5 f6) 20 Qg3! (Diagram 64) Diagram 64 (8) Diagram 65 (W) and now: a) 20... Qb6?! 21 h5 a4 22 BXc4 bxc4 23 hxg6 when White's attack is the stronger.

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