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Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–10): J.R. Vane
Chapter 2 Ultrastructural association of the Alveolar?Capillary Unit (pages 11–36): Maya Simionescu
Chapter three Hypoxia and Pulmonary Vascular Endothelium (pages 37–60): Lynne Reid and Barbara Meyrick
Chapter four tools for the learn of Lung Metabolism (pages 61–83): H.F. Woods, A. Meredith, G.T. Tucker and J.R. Shortland
Chapter five Substrate usage by way of the Lung (pages 85–104): H. Datta, W.A. Stubbs and K.C.M.M. Alberti
Chapter 6 Inactivation of Monoamines by means of the Lung (pages 105–128): M.B.H. Youdim, Y.S. Bakhle and R R. Ben?Harari
Chapter 7 The destiny of Circulating Biologically energetic Peptides within the Lungs (pages 129–145): Sergio H. Ferreira, Lewis J. Greene, Maria Cristina O. Salgado and E.M. Krieger
Chapter eight The Lung as a Generator of Prostacyclin (pages 147–164): R.J. Gryglewski
Chapter nine Interrelationships among Prostacyclin and Thromboxane A2 (pages 165–183): S. Moncada and J. R. Vane
Chapter 10 legislation of Pulmonary Arachidonic acid Metabolism through Anti?Inflammatory Steroids (pages 185–201): R.J. Flower
Chapter eleven Slow?Reacting components and Their Structural Elucidation (pages 203–215): Priscilla J. Piper, Marwa N. Samhoun, J. R. Tippins, H. R. Morris and G. W. Taylor
Chapter 12 The Lung on the subject of Vasoactive Polypeptides (pages 217–237): Sami I. stated, Viktor Mutt and Ervin G. Erdos
Chapter thirteen Endocrine affects on features of Lung Biochemistry (pages 239–250): Walter okay. Morishige
Chapter 14 Hormonal affects in the course of Fetal Lung improvement (pages 251–274): Philip L. Ballard
Chapter 15 Pulmonary Angiotensin?Converting Enzyme and Its Inhibition: A ancient Survey (pages 275–292): Y. S. Bakhle
Chapter sixteen Modulation of changing Enzyme task through Hypoxia and Its Physiological results (pages 293–311): S. Alex Stalcup, Joel S. Lipset and Robert B. Mellins
Chapter 17 Non?Respiratory capabilities of the Lung within the Perinatal interval (pages 313–331): Robert B. Mellins, Dennis Davidson and S. Alex Stalcup
Chapter 18 Prostaglandin Receptors within the airlines (pages 333–350): H. O. J. Collier and P. J. Gardiner
Chapter 19 The Lung, Whole?Body Metabolism and illness (pages 351–386): W. A. Stubbs and okay. G. M. M. Alberti

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MUSCULAR PARTIALLY MUSCULAR NON-MUSCULAR 8 CAPILLARY ARTERY LUMEN Fic,. 3. Additional features of the alveolar precapillary unit demonstrated by electron microscopy. In the muscle-free regions of the wall a pericyte and an intermediate cell are found in the non-muscular and partially muscular artery, respectively. HYPOXIA AND PULMONARY ENDOTHELIUM lungs we have examined - 41 rat, pig, sheep and dog (Rendas et a1 1979a, Hislop & Reid 1981, Meyrick & Reid 1979a) (Figs. 1, 2 and 3). By distending the cir- culation under standard conditions before fixation one can identify an artery by its size.

Scanning electron micrographs show filamentous protrusions from endothelial cells (see Fig. 4b, p 281). Do you see these? Sirnionescu: We sometimes see protrusions of the endothelium in thinsectioned specimens, but fewer than observed in scanning microscopy. In the latter case the high frequency may be related to the method of preparing the tissue. Datta: You mentioned the lung macrophages and their high content of hydrolytic enzymes, including esterases; alveolar type I1 cells have all these hydrolytic activities as well, so perhaps they too could be involved in destroying surfactant (Goldfischer et a1 1968).

M. RElD & B. MEYRICK is found in the alveolar wall; that is to say, it is intra-acinar. In the rat it starts in the pre-acinar region - that is, partially muscular arteries are commonly found with the terminal bronchiolus. ) In the adult human and in the rat the largest partially muscular artery is about 150 pm in external diameter; the largest nonmuscular artery is about 80 pm. A similar arrangement is seen on the venous side of the capillary bed but, as the response to hypoxia demonstrates, similarity of structure does not imply the same functional behaviour.

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