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Accidental pressure in the sodium volume in the vicinity of large water leak into sodium depends not only on the leak rate but also on the hydraulic "compliance" of the sodium circuit. 3 MPa value. In some experimental and prototype NPPs with sodium-cooled fast reactors water/steam-sodium contacts took place in SG. The requirements to sodium-water steam generator from the standpoint of its tightness should be much higher than those to any other heat exchanger. When considering specific problems, on the basis of experience obtained on some NPPs the following conclusions can be drawn: 1.

10-3%. 55% Pb), 2PbS. 0% Pb). Lead bearing ores such as PbS composition are the most abundant. In the oxidized (carbonate) ores lead exists in the form of PbCO3 compound. Only sulphide ores (PbSO4, PbS) are reprocessed in the lead-zinc industry using two ways, namely: hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy. Preference is given to the pyrometallurgical method, based on lead extraction by reducing or smelting. The molten lead contains copper, antimony, arsenic and sulphur impurities. Moreover, it usually contains silver extracted by lead purification.

In order to change oxygen content and remove surplus PbO, reactions with water vapour or hydrogen can be used. To determine oxygen content in molten lead (similarly to PbBi technology development) galvanic cell can be used. The problem of hyperthermal corrosion resistance of structural materials was got over by development of preliminary protective coatings for the working steel surfaces. g. fuel rod claddings and steam generator tubes, are covered by these coatings at the final stage of their manufacture.

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