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Onsager's Theory E. Applications of the Theory IV. Reaction Rates in Chemical and Biological Systems A. Effect of Temperature on Reaction Rates . . 16 16 16 16 16 17 20 21 23 24 25 26 28 42 43 49 50 50 50 52 56 58 60 60 * Present address: Biophysics Department, Yale University, New Haven, Con­ necticut. t The preparation of this manuscript was supported in part by grants from the U. S. Public Health Service (#H-3039) and from the National Science Foundation (#G-2134). 15 16 HENRY EYRING, RICHARD P.

If both members are linear in Ni and are inde­ pendent of t, the solution of this equation will be in the form Ni = Nn(x,y,z) + Ni2(x,y,z,t) (8a) where Ni2 reduces to zero for certain limiting conditions. Note that the initial conditions do not appear in the steady state. Thus the final state may be reached from different initial conditions and in different ways. Such a system is termed equifinal and is in contrast to most physical 20 HENRY EYRING, RICHARD P. BOYCE AND JOHN D. SPIKES systems where the final state is determined by the initial conditions.

THERMODYNAMICS OF LIVING SYSTEMS 25 the reaction conditions. A reversible reaction is one which proceeds in such a way that it is always essentially at equilibrium. The concept of reaction rate or time to reach equilibrium is not involved. As a matter of fact, we usually must postulate that our ideal reactions will take place infinitely slowly in order that they be reversible. As has been emphasized by several writers, the field of classical thermodynamics might have better been termed thermostatics.

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