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By Lawrence R. Pomeroy

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In this quantity 19 best specialists supply a well timed and coherent assessment of the basic rules of atmosphere technology. They study the flux of power and biologically crucial parts and their linked nutrition webs in significant terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, similar to forests, grasslands, cultivated land, streams, coral reefs, and ocean basins. In each one case, interactions among various eosystems, predictive versions, and the applying of surroundings examine to the administration of common assets are given unique emphasis. a couple of theoretical chapters offer a synthesis via serious dialogue of present options of surroundings energetics and dynamics.

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To measure energy content, the traditional macro and micro "Parr calorimeters," which required 50 mg to 1 g of sample, were supplemented in the 1950s by a unique calorimeter which could measure the energy content of samples as small as 1 mg, although 10 mg produced better accuracy and precision (Slobodkin and Richman 1960). The Phillipson microbomb calorimeter (Phillipson 1964) did the same job faster, and, with improved design (Wiegert and Gentry, U. S. Patent 3,451,267) and a better recorder, could handle samples as small as 1 mg in mass.

Furthermore, the relationship (the rules of the game) can change, either behaviorally or physiologically in the short run, or genetically in the evolutionary long run. For example, a given force of voltage produces the same current each time in a particular wire, subject only to known physical changes (variable temperature, for example). But, a given en~rgy concentration of prey often produces a very different ingestion or production flux in the same predator population as a result of internalized behavioral and physiological changes by both prey and predator.

4. Methodology An historical review of ecological energetics requires brief mention of some landmark developments in equipment and methodology. Because questions of energy content, photosynthesis, and respiration are all of major concern, most of the big jumps in ecological energetics have occurred concurrent with increased ability to measure energy content of smaller and smaller samples of biological material and increases in the ease, speed, and/or sensitivity of measuring the rate of energy flow as carbon is either fixed or degraded.

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