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By Roger Zelazny

ISBN-10: 0061936456

ISBN-13: 9780061936456

gods, homes, one quest, and the everlasting battle among existence and loss of life

to save lots of his country, Anubis, Lord of the lifeless, sends forth his servant on a undertaking of vengeance. while, from the home of lifestyles, Osiris sends forth his son, Horus, at the related undertaking to ruin totally and ceaselessly The Prince Who was once one thousand.

yet neither of those superhuman warriors is ready for the unusual and harrowing international of mortal lifestyles, and the article That Cries within the evening may perhaps smash not just their worlds, yet all mankind.

As Zelazny did with the Hindu pantheon within the mythical, groundbreaking vintage Lord of Light, the grasp storyteller right here breathes new existence into the Egyptian gods with one other awesome story of mythology and mind's eye.

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She is, so to speak, a child of the threshold; this much, and no more, is clear. All of her possible family members threaten the normal form and proportions of the human body and the larger sphere of normally defined society. Every purported progenitor has a gross surplus of limbs, heads, and voices, to the point of redundancy. Representing the earth’s primal violence, they are beings at once fearsomely destructive and fearsomely fertile. To be a member of the Echidna line is to be χθόνιος (“of the soil, associated with the underworld”), to possess earthy powers, which, in their chaotic nature, pose a threat to human existence.

But, more fortunate than he, we have since succeeded, at least insofar as we have not become psychoneurotics, in detaching our sexual impulses from our mothers, and forgetting our jealousy of our fathers. 12 Freud’s abundant use of the first person plural forms of the personal and possessive pronouns (“we [. ] all,” “we,” “our”) shows that he saw the infantile Oedipal conflict (and the trouble that arises when the adult remains trapped in the nexus of that conflict) as an anthropological constant.

Classifying con30 c ha pter two clusions on the position of the person or the group, either in the prior social structure or in the one that will subsequently predominate, is impossible. Van Gennep sees the threshold of the entryway into a house or into a temple as exemplary of this state, marking and symbolizing the transition between public and private, or between profane and sacred, spaces. ”20 He understands these guardians to be earthly incarnations of the threshold’s supernatural qualities.

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