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By Jean-Pierre Vernant, Marcel Detienne

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Evaluate: in addition to Frances Yates' 'The paintings of Memory' this has to be the most incredible books of the final 2 decades.

Why was once Aeschylus blamed for having printed Orphic secrets and techniques in his Agammemnon? The clues are during this book.
A nice feat of cultural reconstruction. And the results are astonishing.

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My God. To imagine i purchased it at a moment hand bookstore 25 years in the past! and i've simply used it in my writing of a prologue to an anthology on Penelope (and Odysseus). yet upon rereading it, i've got by surprise learned how absolutely correct the idea that of crafty intelligence, instead of logical intelligence, is at the present time for the knowledge of the improvement of yank politics and economics, governed as they're through the octopus and the fox, which include metis (the time period less than dialogue) within the animal nation. somebody with an exceptional wisdom of Greek delusion can keep on with Detienne and Vernant's erudite dialogue of the elements of METIS in Greek tradition and society. however the an important factor is that their phrases observe to our personal tradition and society. We fake to be governed via trademarks, yet we're not!

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He threw a curse upon the house of Atreus, thus compounding the one already laid upon it by the charioteer MYRTILUS, who had been tricked by Pelops. The children of Atreus, Agamemnon and Menelaus, would suffer from these curses. Thyestes then consulted an oracle and was advised to beget a child upon his own daughter, Pelopia, the only one not cooked in the stew served up by Atreus. Thyestes, in disguise, seduced his daughter, who managed to wrest his sword from him. Years later, when Thyestes was a captive of Atreus, a boy of seven appeared before him bearing a sword.

Atalanta, having been warned by an ORACLE that she would find no happiness in marriage, set a condition on her marriage. Her suitor must be able to beat her in a foot-race, or else die. Many tried to win her but failed and died. Finally MELANION, a prince from Arcadia, sought the help of APHRODITE, goddess of love. She gave him three golden apples that he dropped, one at a time, throughout the race. Atalanta could not resist picking them up and lost the race. Atalanta bore Melanion a son, Parthenonpaeus.

Atalanta could not resist picking them up and lost the race. Atalanta bore Melanion a son, Parthenonpaeus. In some versions of this legend it is said that Atalanta and Melanion were turned into lions by Aphrodite and forced to pull the chariot of CYBELE, a goddess of earth and nature. It is said that Atalanta was one of the ARGONAUTS, a fabled crew of sailors who sought the GOLDEN FLEECE. ATHAMAS In Greek mythology, one of the sons of AEOLUS; brother of SISYPHUS and Salmoneus; king of Orchomenus in BOEOTIA.

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