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BASIC / besk/ noun a high-level prodigital signals transmitted without modugramming language for developing prolation 3. information modulated with a grams in a conversational way, providing single carrier frequency an easy introduction to computer programbase band local area network ming. Full form beginner’s all-purpose / bes b nd ləυk(ə)l eəriə netw k/ symbolic instruction code noun a transmission method in which the basic code / besk kəυd/ noun same whole bandwidth of the cable is used and as absolute code the data signal is not modulated ć Base basic controller / besk kən trəυlə/ band local area networks can support a noun a part of a communications controlmaximum cable length of around 300m.

Bad sector /b d sektə/ noun a disk sector that has been wrongly formatted or backup version / b k p v ʃ(ə)n/ which contains an error or fault and is unnoun same as backup 3 able to be correctly written to or read from Backus-Naur-Form / b kəs naυə ć You will probably receive error messagfɔ m/ noun full form of BNF es when you copy files that are stored on backward chaining / b kwəd bad sectors on a disk. tʃenŋ/ noun a method used in artificial baffle / b f(ə)l/ noun a loudspeaker intelligence systems to calculate a goal which is built into a unit from a set of results bag /b / noun a number of elements in backward channel / b kwəd no particular order tʃ n(ə)l/ noun a channel from the receivBAK file extension / b k fal  er to transmitter allowing the receiver to stenʃ(ə)n/ noun a standard three-letter send control and handshaking signals file extension used in MS-DOS systems to backward error correction signify a backup or copy of another file / b kwəd erə kə rekʃ(ə)n/ noun correcbalance / b ləns/ noun the placing of tion of errors which are detected by the retext and graphics on a page in an attractive ceiver and a signal is sent to the transmitter way ć The dtp package allows the user to to request a re-transmission of the data see if the overall page balance is correct.

British Computer Society 2. BCS basic control system satellite beacon / bi kən/ verb a signal transmitted repeatedly by a device that is malfunctioning on a network beacon frame / bi kən frem/ noun a special frame within the FDDI protocol that is sent after a network break has occurred bead /bi d/ noun a small section of a program that is used for a single task beam /bi m/ noun a narrow set of light or electron rays ć A beam of laser light is used in this printer to produce high-resolution graphics.

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