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By G.H. Hardy

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From the Preface by way of J. E. Littlewood: "All [Hardy's] books gave him a point of delight, yet this one, his final, was once his favorite. whilst embarking on it he informed me that he believed in its price (as good he might), and in addition that he regarded ahead to the duty with enthusiasm. He had really given lectures at the topic at periods ever seeing that his go back to Cambridge in 1931, and he had at one time or one other lectured on every thing within the ebook other than bankruptcy XIII [The Euler-MacLaurin sum formulation] ... [I]n the early years of the century the topic [Divergent Series], whereas by no means mystical or unrigorous, used to be considered as sensational, and in regards to the current name, now colourless, there hung an aroma of paradox and audacity."

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Smarty-Pants. Sorry this mere high school grad is only smart enough to rake in the dollars. ” I remembered when The Captain was working. Everything at home was better, and not because of the money. She didn’t obsess about me or my whereabouts as much. It seemed like she enjoyed her job, like she had a purpose outside of us. ” “Oh right, of course. You weren’t around when Amanda was failing eighth grade. ” “Right, you’re so right, ” my dad said. “What we should worry about is that Amanda’s much more you than me.

Mine had been a simple luncheon in the temple social hall. La-La Man was trying to ignore The Captain’s coaching 4 on the speed limit, which lane to drive in, and how close our car was to the one in front of it. I could tell by the way he was chewing on the inside of his mouth that he couldn’t completely tune her out. He was the official driver but The Captain was our official commander in chief. By the time we screeched into the hotel, my father was in an obviously bad mood. He was gripping the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were white.

Um . ” I looked at Paul, then back to my mother, seeing a desert mouse and a cobra. She slithered closer to him. “Spit it out or I’ll have the police get it out of you. Now! ” she hissed, pointing her finger to the ground as if that was where he was supposed to de-posit the info. “For a walk on the beach,” Paul mumbled nervously. “With alcohol? ” “Eighteen. ” My brain froze for a second, but then it struck me I should hightail my ass toward our condo. I had to get her away from Paul so he wouldn’t see what a total psycho she was.

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