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By Robert Corbet

ISBN-10: 1865086053

ISBN-13: 9781865086057

Mia is aware that boys take into consideration intercourse each fifteen seconds. No ask yourself they locate it so tough to assert hi. Will needs he had a hidden microphone and a tape recorder in order that he'd be aware of what women discuss. Mia thinks that might may be deep and fascinating, sitting by myself at the grass observing the sky. perhaps he is brooding about worldwide warming or meteorology. yet in spite of this, he's donning a tracksuit. Will is education to be a tennis celebrity. Mia performs the viola within the university orchestra. Will does not even recognize the variation among a viola and a lawnmower! It seems like it is going to be a catastrophe. but if Will wins a tennis event and briefly turns into the varsity hero, Mia's associates get and the sport will get critical. A clean and humorous tackle the sport of affection and all its faults (sorry!)

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I can’t do it. ’ shouts Dave. ‘Please, Ken! ’ Ken is staring hard at the ground – definitely not happy. ‘Go on,’ I say. ’ ‘Come on, Ken! ’ Ken looks at me and shakes his head. ’ According to The Encyclopedia of Tennis, ‘donkey’ is an old-fashioned word for ‘loser’. Together, Ken and I tie the towel around Dave’s head. We watch as he throws up the ball, then grips the rim to steady his wheelchair as he brings down the racquet. Blindfolded, he hits the ball cleanly over the net and into the middle of the service square.

But Mia isn’t laughing. ’ she says. ’ says Renata. ’ say Vanessa and I. ‘Yes I am. ’ ‘Renata! ’ The school dance is only two days away so the three of us are desperately shopping. We are in T***** for the 20% Off Footwear and Clothing Sale. The reason I can’t say the name of the store is because Vanessa says it’s humiliating. Normally, Vanessa wouldn’t be caught dead in T*****, but because of the 20% Off Sale, she’s decided to compromise. ‘The labels will come off easily enough,’ she says. ’ We are in the changing rooms and Vanessa is lying on the floor, squirming around like a squashed lizard, trying desperately to pull on her stretch denim jeans.

I don’t know whether to applaud or not. Mia I finish playing and Will just stands there, looking uncertain. I pack away the viola, then to cover up my embarrassment, I change the subject. ’ Will looks worried. ’ ‘Who? ’ Will Holland – literary enigma and mystical sky-gazer – fishes around in his bag and reluctantly brings out his big book. At last, the moment of truth . . The Encyclopedia of Tennis it says on the cover. I take the book and open it. Inside, there’s a photo of a woman called Doris and a whole lot of dates and statistics.

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