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He twisted away before her foot could pull him down. ” He smacked her side with the staff, and her breath hissed through her teeth. Clearly, she’d misjudged Mother. Mother had indeed intended this as punishment. She knew that Pearl would never admit weakness to Jadrien, and she knew he wouldn’t hold back. Of course, there was a way to escape the intended beating: Kick his ass first. He struck again with the staff. Right, left, down, left. “You are destined to be with me,” he said. She blocked. One, two, 26 D R I N K , S L AY, LOV E three, four.

Skulking had its perks. You were never asked to chat and skulk at the same time. “Are you sure? You look like you need help,” he said. His voice was smooth and deep, older than he was. “Sorry to push, but, you see, I have this Good Samaritan hero-complex issue. And, in the interest of full disclosure, a bit of OCD. ” About to reply, Pearl glanced at him. Words died in her throat, and she was left with sweet. She felt her fangs poke at her gums, and she sealed her lips shut, running her tongue over the fang tips, forcing them back in.

She shouldered past an elderly couple. She smelled their blood, pressing against their thin skin, but she didn’t even slow. The sliding doors opened before her and she walked out into the light. Across from the library was a school yard. She crossed the parking lot and squeezed through a break in a chain-link fence. A field stretched before her. She began to run. Feeling the wind in her face, she ran faster and faster. Her legs blurred as she raced, sun on her shoulders, across the field. In the center of the field, she flopped down on the grass.

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