How Do Aircraft Fly? (Science in the Real World) - download pdf or read online

By Susan Markowitz Meredith

ISBN-10: 160413464X

ISBN-13: 9781604134643

If you happen to pass outdoors on a windy day, you understand simply how robust air should be. it could actually elevate a kite excessive within the sky and seize onto a balloon and hold it away. yet even if the air is calm, you could believe its energy and resistance in the event you movement. "How Do plane Fly?" finds the technology in the back of air strain and flying every thing from hot-air balloons to helicopters to jet plane via attention-grabbing full-color photo and illustrations, in addition to via textual motives of real-world examples.

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It was over the Pacific Ocean. Earhart’s plane had run out of fuel. Rescuers searched the area for a long time. But no one found the plane—or its passengers. Amelia Earhart stands in front of her plane before a 1937 flight. DID YOU KNOW ? indd 29 8/10/09 1:05:07 PM Glossary aileron—Movable flap on a plane’s wing. When one wing’s aileron is raised, the other one is lowered. This motion tilts, or rolls, the plane to one side or the other. airborne—Flying through the air. aircraft—Any machine made to fly in the air.

Boston: Little, Brown, 2000. O’Brien, Patrick. Fantastic Flights: One Hundred Years of Flying on the Edge. New York: Walker & Company, 2003. Thomson, Sarah L. Extreme Aircraft! Q&A. New York: HarperCollins, 2007. indd 32 Susan Markowitz Meredith likes to find out the how and why of things. She especially enjoys sharing what she discovers with young readers. So far, she has written more than 35 books on some very interesting topics. Meredith also has produced quite a few TV shows for young thinkers.

Propeller—A group of airfoilshaped blades attached to a center, called a hub. As the propeller turns, it moves the craft forward. rotor—A unit made of airfoil-shaped blades on a pole. An engine turns the rotor. rudder—A movable flap on the tail that turns the plane to the left or right. ” steered—Guided on a certain course. streamline—To shape a body, such as an airplane, so that air flows smoothly around it. thrust—The force that pushes something forward. indd 30 8/10/09 1:05:08 PM To Learn More Read these books: Hansen, Ole Steen.

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