Mike Ashley's The Mammoth Book of British Kings and Queens PDF

By Mike Ashley

ISBN-10: 0786706929

ISBN-13: 9780786706921

Now in paperback, the main whole checklist of Britain's kings and queens ever compiled. in a single compendious quantity, The big booklet of Kings & Queens bargains the 1st royal biographical A-Z, its pages lavish in info on the entire rulers of kingdoms in the British Isles, including their better halves or consorts, pretenders, usurpers, and regents. Monarchs from Queen Boadicea of the early Britons to Elizabeth II fill those pages, together with a variety of tribal and Saxon rulers ahead of 1066, the semi-legendary figures of the darkish a long time, and all those that helped to forge the dominion of significant Britain. writer Mike Ashley provides in chronological order all of the kings and queens of england in addition to different strong nobles and dignitaries; he contains, too, genealogies exhibiting the kin descent of the entire major royal households as an extra bonus. His ensuing marvelous and authoritative one-volume reference is now on hand in an cheaply priced exchange Paper variation. "A distinct Domesday publication of the British monarchy. A reference paintings with no peers" - Peter Berresford Ellis "Everything its name supplies. The pages are packed with maps, charts, time traces, and every little thing someone may perhaps ever need to know in regards to the royals from precedent days to the present." - Publishers Weekly "Written in a full of life kind and masking greater than 2,000 years and 1,000 monarchs (more than any earlier compilation)" - Booklist</Div>

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