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Knowledge gets created as there is dialogue, discussion, debate, disagreement, and discord. Members are challenged to examine their beliefs and underlying assumptions, and actionable consensus can emerge if the bona fides are not in doubt. Pseudonyms are common, and the real status of the poster of a message is not germane to the importance to be attached to his opinions. Every argument presented, every bias expressed, every theory propounded has to stand on its own feet. Having cut my teeth on such free-expression discussion forums and given the lack of constraints in my NASSCOM job, in July 2005, I decided to start a mailing list for IPS officers, with the modest expectation of gathering around fifty members eventually.

Apart from expanding the list and adding more people to the forum, Saravade realized that there must be something to discuss, else the participants would lose interest. Accordingly, he started a regular trend of posting a large number of articles about public management, crime, policing, leadership, and other issues likely to be of interest to the forum members. This required hard work to select appropriate articles, but the dividends were rewarding. Reading messages on IndiaTopCop would become a daily habit, and it also kept the traffic to the group at a certain minimum rate.

For example, by marking privately owned vehicles, the Delhi police were able to recover them if they were stolen and successfully prosecute the offenders. By reforming the system of accountability at Tihar Prison, Kiran Bedi was able to implement innovative reform policies and strengthen the human rights of the prisoners (Bedi 1999). The National Crime Records Bureau modernized its data processing system and has been able to present national crime statistics in a more efficient and timely manner.

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