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The facility to change the process nature and heritage, to summon spirits, keep an eye on the elements, turn into invisible. the ability to exploit charms, songs and riddles, to forged spells that can't be resisted. those are the powers that set the wizard and witch except mere mortals. Now, within the pages of Wizards and Witches, you'll input the hidden sanctuaries of those grasp magicians and become aware of their darkish secrets and techniques. With one flash of brimstone you'll end up transported to a middle of the night realm of magic, wizardry and darkest sorcery. Wizards and Witches bubbles with a beguiling brew of chilling witch stories, tales and lore, and the secrets and techniques of the mystical touchstones which carry untold energy.

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Along with oak and hawthorn, it protected against the spirits o f the night. his nephew that ended its bright splendor. the forests in Brittany or a rocky tomb or M erlin was there, just out of sight and in the air-where he lives invisible, having watchful almost to the end, which he fore­ spoken only to tell Arthur's knight Sir Ga- saw but was helpless to avert. It was he wain about the H o ly Grail. The truth cannot be determined and who found Arthur's sword, Excalibur, with the Lady of the Lake, and he who directed does not matter.

The island in mist, and they sailed by u n ­ In the end, Louhi herself came after aware. H e could raise storms if he wanted,- V a in a m o in e n , in the shape of a m o n ­ and if he needed to, he could toss wooden strous, ravening sea bird. She settled on chips into the water and make each grow the mast of the ship, darkening the sky into a warship. H e could conjure 100 with her wings. Then there was fierce bat­ armed men from each of his troops. tle. The wizard fought the sorceress with In peace he was a provider of prosper­ his sword and, when he had to, with his ity.

The sow snuffled beneath the tree and the w ind sighed in the branches, but the eagle made n o t a so un d. T he w iz a rd g a ze d at it thoughtfully for some moments. Then he sang a charm. The bird slipped down to the m iddle branches of the tree. G w y d io n paused,- he sang another charm, and then he waited. The feeble creature dropped to a lower branch. And a third time, Gwydion sang, b id d in g the bird to come to him. W hen he finished, the eagle dropped to Gwydion's knee. At once he struck the bird and it van­ ished.

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