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By J.L. Arpigny, J. Coyette, S. Davail, G. Feller, E. Fonze, E.C. Foulkes, J.-M. Frere, R. Fujii, S. Genicot, C. Gerday, B. Joris, J. Lamotte-Brasseur, J.N. Maina, E. Narinx, M. Nguyen-Disteche, N. Oshima, A. Vairengo, Z. Zekhnini

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ISBN-13: 9783642786006

ADVANCES IN COMPARATIVE AND ENVIRONMENTAL body structure is helping biologists, physiologists, and biochemists continue song of the vast literature in thefield. offering entire, built-in stories and sound, serious, and provocative summaries, this sequence is a needs to for all energetic researchers in environmental and comparative body structure. the current quantity comprises six experiences on: - Motile actions of Fish Chromatophores. - Epithelial shipping of Heavy Metals. - Heavy steel Cytotoxicity in Marine Organisms. - Comparative Pulmonary Morphology and Morphometry. - Molecular diversifications in Resistance to Penicillins. - Molecular variations of Enzymes From Thermophilic and Psychrophilic Organisms.

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Fujii (1961) also found that the effect of K + ions could be blocked by treatment with the adrenergic blocking agent dibenamine. Furthermore, Fujii and Novales (1968) showed that the response to K + ions could still be observed after treatment with tetrodotoxin, which effectively blocked the conduction of pigment-aggregating nerves. The results also indicated that active electrical events due to the entry of Na + ions are not involved in the motile activity of the cells. 34 R. Fujii and N. Oshima Fujii and Taguchi (1969) found that various pigment-aggregating or -dispersing drugs retained their effects even in K + -rich saline, when the melanophores had previously been denervated, or when the release of the transmitter was inhibited.

Sect. 4). If the electrical stimulation of nerve fibers to the skin gives rise to the aggregation of pigment within the chromatophores, we can safely conclude that the cells are under the control of the nervous system. In dendritic light-reflecting chromatophores (leucophores and the dendritic iridophores of the go by type; Sects. 5), such stimulation induces the reverse movement, namely, the dispersion oflight-reflecting organelles, if a system for nervous control exists. In non-dendritic motile iridophores, nervous stimulation induces a change in the arrangement of reflecting platelets so that they reflect light of longer wavelengths (LR response; Sect.

The mode of action of most alkaline metal and alkaline-earth ions other than K + has been shown to be identical to that of K + ions (Fujii 1959a). However, the mechanism underlying the pigment-aggregating action of Li + ions may be different because responses are observed only after a significant delay (Fujii 1959a). Namoto and Yamada (1983) observed similar effects in Oryzias melanophores and concluded that the sequence of events was due to the inhibition of adenylate cyclase by Li + ions. The physiological-saline bathing solution represents the medium that surrounds cells in vivo and it acts as the environment around chromatophores.

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Advances in Comparative and Environmental Physiology by J.L. Arpigny, J. Coyette, S. Davail, G. Feller, E. Fonze, E.C. Foulkes, J.-M. Frere, R. Fujii, S. Genicot, C. Gerday, B. Joris, J. Lamotte-Brasseur, J.N. Maina, E. Narinx, M. Nguyen-Disteche, N. Oshima, A. Vairengo, Z. Zekhnini

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