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By R. Scott Smith, Stephen M. Trzaskoma, Apollodorus, Hyginus

ISBN-10: 1603840524

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Author note: Translated and Introductions by way of R. Scott Smith, Stephen M. Trzaskoma

By supplying, for the 1st time in one version, entire English translations of Apollodorus' Library and Hyginus' Fabulae -- the 2 most vital surviving "handbooks" of classical mythography--this quantity permits readers to match the two's types of crucial Greek and Roman myths.

A basic creation units the Library and Fabulae into the broader context of old mythography; introductions to every textual content speak about in higher element problems with authorship, goal, and impact. A basic index, an index of individuals and geographic destinations, and an index of authors and works mentioned by means of the mythographers also are integrated.

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Here, accordingly, a double emergence into being shows itself—once according to the material and in envelopment, then in the unfolding and exposition. It thus becomes clear that the history of the gods [XI 18] was not immediately present in the poetic form in which we find it. The implicit history could basically well be poetic, but not actually; thus it did not emerge into being poetically. The dark foundry, the first forging place of mythology, lies beyond all poesy [Poesie]. The foundation of the history of the gods is not laid by poesy.

B Who would not like to imagine a human race—if not one now on faraway islands, then one found in the primordial time—for whom a spiritual Fata Morgana would have raised all actuality into the realm of fables? In any event, the view contains an idea through which everyone passes, even if none tarry with it. However, we rather fear one would allow it to be poetically invented than to withstand a historical test. For whatever more precise determination one wanted to give to it, it would always [XI 15] have to be explained at the same time how humanity, or a primordial people, or people at all, were in their earliest times equally seized upon by an irresistible inner drive and how they would have produced a poetry whose content was the gods and the history of the gods.

Use is made of what already is there, but the use does not explain the emergence into being. The poet, when he has need of a deity that demands moderation and self-control, will call upon the contemplative Athena rather than the wrathfully disposed Hera. But this goddess is not the personified wisdom for that reason merely, neither for the poet himself, nor for mythology. In his little book De Sapientia Veterum, Baco,4 living in an age of great political factionalization, used mythology as the dressing for political ideas.

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