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Dynamics and the examine of movement.

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6. By changing the main assumption on the Bloch spectrum it is possible to obtain a fourth order homogenized equation instead of the usual Schr¨ odinger equation. Specifically, if we consider i 2 ∂u − div A x ∇u + −2 x x (79) (i) λn (θn ) is a simple eigenvalue, (ii) ∇θ λn (θn ) = 0, ∇θ ∇θ λn (θn ) = 0, ∇θ ∇θ ∇θ λn (θn ) = 0, (80) c + 2 u = 0, ∂t d x, and if we make the following assumption, instead of (62), then, for the same type of initial data (66), we can prove that the solution of (79) can be written as u (t, x) = ei λn (θ n )t 4 e2iπ θ n ·x x ψn ( , θn )v(t, x) + r (t, x), (81) + 2 N + 2 N where r converges strongly to 0 in L∞ loc R ; L (R ) and v ∈ C R ; L (R ) is the solution of the fourth-order homogenized problem 30 G.

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