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By Alan Dean Foster

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He used to be Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae, born in shame, exiled to perish at sea, fated to outlive at heavenly caprice -- till he met his love, defied the Gods and dared to struggle them or die.

She was once Andromeda, enslaved by means of her personal attractiveness which beggared the heavens and taken a curse upon her urban, her domestic, her heart....until Perseus authorized the Devil's personal problem, responded the lethal riddle and rode forth on his winged horse Pegasus to say his love and to stand the final of the Titans, armed basically with a bloody hand, a witche's curse, and a severed head...

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Venus plucks the flower and addresses it as she puts it in her bosom: Here was thy father's bed, here in my breast; Thou art the next of blood, and 'tis thy right. Lo, in this hollow cradle take thy rest; My throbbing heart shall rock thee day and night; There shall not be one minute in an hour Wherein I will not kiss my sweet love's flow'r. ] Adrasteia. A Cretan nymph, daughter of Melisseus. She and her sister Ida received the baby ZEUS from RHEA (i), then brought him up in safety, far away from his cannibalistic father, Cronus.

A better look-out the old man could not have chosen from which to watch, with straining eyes, for the white or scarlet sail of his returning son. ] Aegialeia. Either the daughter of ADRASTUS (i), who led the expedition of the Seven against Thebes, or of his son AEGIALEUS (2). She married her cousin (or nephew) DIOMEDES (2), and while he was away fighting at Troy became the mistress of Comètes, the son of his comrade Sthenelus. ] Aegialeus (1). A son of INACHUS, the Argive river-god, and the brother of io, who was loved by Zeus.

Alcestis became his. At his marriage Admetus forgot to sacrifice to ARTEMIS and the angry goddess filled the bridal chamber with snakes. Apollo once again came to Admetus' aid, advising him to appease Artemis with sacrifices. The god won for his friend an even greater boon from the FATES. He made them drunk, then persuaded them to agree that Admetus would be reprieved from his fated day of death, so long as he could find someone willing to die in his place. Admetus felt sure that one of his aged parents would be only too happy to sacrifice themselves for their own son.

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