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By JT Petty

ISBN-10: 1416914331

ISBN-13: 9781416914334

Just a baby so quick-witted as Clemency Pogue, upon discovering herself attacked by way of a depraved, invincible fairy, might take into accout a lesson discovered from the tale of Peter Pan. She shouts "I don't think in fairies," and while it does not paintings, retains shouting it till the terrible little creature drops as useless as a gossamer-winged doorknob. yet then a mischievous hobgoblin arrives to inform Clem that she's killed six different fairies world wide, a few undesirable, yet in general stable. whether it was once a mistake, it really is now Clem's responsibility to set the area aright.
In his hilarious, action-packed debut novel, JT Petty does for burlap pants what holes have performed for Swiss cheese.

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The moss underfoot had dried with the noon sun and crunched slightly as Clem wove her way through the trees. The woods were otherwise quiet. The slight crunch of moss underfoot, the swishing of her burlap pants, and a light rustle whenever Clem shifted her sassafras basket, but no more. Until a small waspish buzz entered Clem’s ear for the briefest moment before a burning pinprick presented itself on her basket hand. “Oh! ” Clem dropped the walking stick and basket, sassafras spilling out aromatically.

In the brief instant before it stung her on the tip of the nose, Clem realized what the tiny creature was. Its body was that of a human, tiny arms and legs, little fingers and toes like threads, a little person perfectly formed save for any bits that you could not show on television. It had a sweet-potato pallor, its skin the vibrant orange of cooked yams. From its back, four dragonfly wings whirred and buzzed like water spattering on a hot griddle. The tiny aggressor was a fairy, and a mean one.

Ah. Clever. ” Chaphesmeeso nodded; he approved of this. A grin cracked the gourdish skin covering his face, but then faltered. He looked down at his own hands as if he had caught them telling his secrets. He looked nervously at Clemency for a moment before splaying his mottled, wrinkled fingers out before her. “Tell me,” he said. ” Clemency studied the numerous freckles, liver spots, and scars. ” “Egad,” Chaphesmeeso said, recovering his composure as he looked down at the pachydermatological blotch.

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