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By Colin G. Scanes

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Kravitz, EA, PD Evans, Β T a l a m o , Β Wallace a n d G Battelle (1976) O c t o p a m i n e n e u r o n s in lobsters: Location, m o r p h o l o g y , release of o c t o p a m i n e a n d possible physiological roles. Cold S p r i n g Harbor S y m p . Quant. Biol. 40: 127-133. Lachaise, F a n d J A H o f f m a n n (1982) Ecdysteroids a n d e m b r y o n i c d e v e l o p m e n t in t h e shore c r a b , Carcinus maenas. Hoppe-Seyier's Z. Physiol. C h e m . 363: 1059-1067. Little, G (1969) The larval d e v e l o p m e n t of the s h r i m p , P a l a e m o n macrodactylus R a t h b u n , reared in t h e laboratory, a n d t h e effect of eyestalk extirpation o n d e v e l o p m e n t .

Larval decapods molt into juvenile forms that resemble the adult. A series of juvenile instars lead t o the pubertal molt. At the pubertal molt juvenile morphology changes to adult morphology. Usually, the pubertal molt results in the postmolt ap­ pearance of external reproductive structures. Natantians have variable numbers of larval molts. In the process of these molts, thoracic appendages and abdominal segments are added (Costlow, 1968). The reptantians also have variable numbers of molts during larval development.

Color change. The pigments within the crustacean chromatophore cells migrate in response t o environmental light and background color. The pigmentary responses are mediated by a family of neuroendocrine hormones called the c h r o m a t o p h o r o t r o p i n s (Fingerman, 1987). The development of the neuroendocrine system that controls pigment cells is different from the development of neuroendocrine control of molt. Chromatophores are present in all developmental instars of decapods from egg through adult and are responsive t o background changes and variations in incident light.

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